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Posted 4/3/2024

Jacksonville, Fl. 2/6/24– Renowned educator and author Gail Carter-Cade unveils her groundbreaking book, “Uplifting The Pain of Behavioral and Learning Styles Through Poetry Now,” a transformative resource designed to bridge the gap between teachers and African American students, ultimately revolutionizing classroom dynamics.

In today’s educational landscape, understanding students’ behaviors and learning styles is paramount. However, traditional approaches often overlook the underlying pain that manifests in these behaviors, particularly among African American students. Gail Carter-Cade’s book offers a fresh perspective, shedding light on the deeper meanings behind student actions and providing invaluable insight for educators.

Drawing from her extensive experience as both a parent and educator, Carter-Cade addresses the misconceptions and challenges faced by African American students in the classroom. Through captivating rhythmic poetry, she unveils the painful realities experienced by students, offering a nuanced understanding of their perspectives.

Amber Brown, a Duval County School Teacher, attests to the transformative power of Carter-Cade’s work, stating, “Insightful…thought provoking conversations that opened my eyes to a lot of different perspectives” and “you must connect before you correct”.  Brown’s endorsement underscores this resourceful book’s ability to foster empathy and understanding among educators, paving the way for more meaningful teacher-student relationships. 

“Uplifting The Pain of Behavioral and Learning Styles Through Poetry Now” goes beyond conventional teaching methods by providing practical strategies for improving educational outcomes. With over 200 poems covering topics such as “I Can’t Help,” “Follow Directions,” and “Meltdown,” the book offers a comprehensive toolkit for educators, parents, and students alike.

Carter-Cade’s vision extends beyond the pages of her book, aiming to create a supportive community where students feel empowered to express their needs and thoughts without fear of judgment. Her website serves as a hub for collaboration and resource sharing, further enhancing the impact of her work.

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, “Uplifting The Pain of Behavioral and Learning Styles Through Poetry Now” emerges as a beacon of hope, offering tangible solutions for improving classroom dynamics and fostering inclusivity.

About The Author: GAIL CARTER-CADE:

Gail Carter-Cade is an esteemed educator and author dedicated to promoting empathy and understanding in the classroom. With a background in education and a passion for poetry, she aims to revolutionize teaching practices and improve educational outcomes for all students.

Ref:  “Insightful…thought provoking conversations that opened my eyes to a lot of different perspectives.” – Amber Brown, Duval County School Teacher    

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